[rescue] LCD hi res 17" monitor wanted

Romain Dolbeau romain at dolbeau.org
Mon Mar 11 08:01:44 CDT 2019

Le lun. 11 mars 2019 C  13:47, Sandwich Maker <adh at an.bradford.ma.us> a C)crit
> curiosity - what adapter [or combination] did you use to go from 13w3
> to dvi?

None, I used a straight 13w3 to VGA cable, and a couple of monitors
with VGA inputs - much easier than dealing with DVI (unless by paying
big bucks to digitize the analog signal...)

The real trick is replicating most Forth functions in the TGX+
firmware to be able to reprogram the clock of the RAMDAC to
non-supported values (the chip itself is quite versatile, the function
used to program it isn't), and then figure out which combinations of
the various parameters will allow the monitor to sync (porch, sync
pulse, etc.). Modern monitor are _not_ tolerant :-(

Once that worked - went back to old, dirt-cheap 17" 1280x1024 LCD, it
was still easy to find something that would sync to the 76 Hz
sync-on-green Sun signal :-)


Romain Dolbeau

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