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Andrew Weiss rumbeard at mac.com
Wed Mar 6 02:54:43 CST 2019

I've already set up a 3.3 Turbo Color Nitro Station in Previous (recompiled to
redirect 5 ports including ssh) DEV + y2K and SLiRP, a 4.2 Turbo NeXTDimension
Nitro Cube running 4.2 DEV +y2K, and a VirtualBox Intel 4.2 Build with
BusLogic SCSI, Sound AWE32, DEV and y2K all on my MacBook.  The VirtualBox is
faster than a scalded cat.  But now Ibm pinin for the fjords so to speak.

> On 6 Mar 2019, at 19:49, Jerry Kemp <sun.mail.list47 at oryx.us> wrote:
> Fingers crossed for you that you can hunt down your Cube and re-acquire it
in operational state.
> My observation has been that NeXT Cube equipment has always been difficult
to acquire, even here in the States.
> I know that for many, emulation and virtualization is a distant second to
having actual, operational vintage hardware.  OTOH, if you
> reach the state that you are interested in soldiering on in a software only
state, I might suggest you look at "Previous".
> <http://previous.unixdude.net/>
> <http://previous.alternative-system.com/>
> Again, wish you the best of luck hunting down your Cube.
> Jerry
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> Back when I moved to Australia I gave away pretty much 90% of my gear to
> homes.  I donbt exactly know when this one piece of kit parted company
> me, however, Ibd like to find and if itbs not being actively used discuss
> possibly getting my NeXT cube back.  I have no idea who I sent it to and if
> itbs lost to the mists of time so be it.
> -Andrew
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