[rescue] Fwd: Long Shot but

Jerry Kemp sun.mail.list47 at oryx.us
Wed Mar 6 02:49:07 CST 2019

Fingers crossed for you that you can hunt down your Cube and re-acquire it in operational state.

My observation has been that NeXT Cube equipment has always been difficult to acquire, even here in the States.

I know that for many, emulation and virtualization is a distant second to having actual, operational vintage hardware.  OTOH, if you
reach the state that you are interested in soldiering on in a software only state, I might suggest you look at "Previous".



Again, wish you the best of luck hunting down your Cube.


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Back when I moved to Australia I gave away pretty much 90% of my gear to good
homes.  I donbt exactly know when this one piece of kit parted company with
me, however, Ibd like to find and if itbs not being actively used discuss
possibly getting my NeXT cube back.  I have no idea who I sent it to and if
itbs lost to the mists of time so be it.


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