[rescue] Looking for Solaris/SunOS software for Meiko MK091

Richard ejb at trick-1.net
Sat Jun 22 17:57:27 CDT 2019

Nothing yet :-)

Still have to get the Meiko csiserver working under SunOS and build a link
cable after I trace the linkin/out,reset,analyse on the board to the DB9
(anyone got a manual for the card?).

Ultimately will talk to a combination of B008/004 and my ECB and other custom
boards I am working on.


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> On 23 Jun 2019, at 08:43, Steven M Jones <smj+rescue at crash.com> wrote:
>> On 06/22/2019 13:45, Richard wrote:
>> I just wanted to say a big thank you to the individual who helped me on
>> one. Within the hour!
>> ...
>> FWIW I now have this card working in my Sun Sparc 2 :-).
> Congrats! Any chance you'd care to let us in on what the SS2 is now
communicating with? Some of your ECB Transputer boards, or perchance some
actual Meiko gear...?
> --S.

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