[rescue] Looking for Solaris/SunOS software for Meiko MK091

Richard ejb at trick-1.net
Sat Jun 22 15:45:48 CDT 2019


I just wanted to say a big thank you to the individual who helped me on this
one. Within the hour!

In fact I want to say a massive thank you to Mr Bill and everyone who has
helped me on this list with my off beat requests. I am truely amazed at what
is still out there in peoplebs collections and the knowledge that people
impart out of a willingness to help others. This is the b
that I remember.

FWIW I now have this card working in my Sun Sparc 2 :-).



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> On 21 Jun 2019, at 20:14, Richard <ejb at trick-1.net> wrote:
> Hi Folks
> Looks like its the week of long shots. :-)
> I am now searching for the software/drivers to support the Meiko MK091 SBUS
Transputer Link Card that I think connected a Sun Workstation to a CS-1.
> I think it might be called "Sun Virtual Computing Surfaces" per the
> SunOS or Solaris software is OK.
> thanks in advance.
> Cheers
> Richard
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