[rescue] The State of SunHELP (new server build, etc)

Andrew Jones andrew at jones.ec
Sun Jun 16 14:33:26 CDT 2019

On 6/14/19 7:51 PM, Bob Darlington wrote:
> zfs raidz specifically eliminates the write-hole issues.  On the smallest
> of my systems I'm running 20 8TB disks raidz3 with a hot spare, times 4 for
> 84 disks in the jbod, and typically 4 of these craptastic seagate jbods to
> a server.  I can't vouch for smaller systems, but I will say my stuff is
> fairly quick.  Here's some of the settings...

Regular ol' Linux mdraid + lvm + xfs also eliminates the write hole, and 
doesn't require any third party out-of-tree drivers with questionable 

mdraid + lvm + xfs use the hardware write barrier support built into 
Linux device drivers, because the whole stack is meant to work together.

Speaking of which: does ZFS-on-Linux support the hardware write barriers 
at all?

I know it did on Solaris, but ZFSoL is a different animal.

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