[rescue] The State of SunHELP - an update

Bill Bradford mrbill at mrbill.net
Mon Jun 10 12:51:10 CDT 2019

I'd like to thank the people that reached out to me and are donating parts,
and a HUGE thank you to those who have donated towards my GoFundMe for medical
bills and expenses.

Thanks to your generosity, the new SunHELP server will have at least 32G of
RAM (maybe even 64), dual 6-core processors, and plenty of 2TB disks to
hopefully last me forever.  

I'm building a second T410 up for FreeNAS and to store backups (in addition to
a HP SFF i5 box doing rsnapshot for tertiary on-site backups as well as
offsite to rsync.net), and have a third T410 that will be configured similarly
(just one 6core cpu, 16G of RAM, same LSI 9211-8i HBA) and be a "cold spare"
spare parts machine (all running the same firmware, etc).

I also have a larger laminate folding table (36"x72") on the way to give me a
larger "workbench" space and to put the towers on up the table when everything
is done and ready to go.  

Anyway - look for the new machine to be online in the next couple of weeks
sometime.  Again, thanks so much for your contributions both towards my health
expenses and the "new" system.  

SunHELP and all the other related resources isn't going anywhere as long as I
can help it - and even when it comes time for me to step away due to health
reasons (hopefully not for many years) I will have plans in place to hand it
off to someone who will keep it running in at least an archival capacity.


Bill Bradford
Houston, Texas USA

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