[rescue] Truckload of Sun gear

Rich Kulawiec rsk at gsp.org
Thu Jun 6 15:21:28 CDT 2019

On Thu, Jun 06, 2019 at 12:02:11PM -0700, Steve Hatle wrote:
> I may be able to help you out with some rackmount Sun gear. I'll mail you
> off-list after I double check what's there.

I've sent the op a lengthy message off-list, so shorter version here:
I'm in Maryland, so if anybody's gonna go fetch, I can probably help.
I'm very very low on storage space but I hate to see a stash like this
go into electronics recycling.  Plus I'm looking for external 4mm and
8mm drives, so if there are any in the pile...

Also I have a couple of V240s with rack mounts that I've offered to
someone -- if he doesn't want them, I'll open 'em up to folks here.
(There are also some V240 spare parts buried in the pile in the basement
and I'll eventually find those.)


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