[rescue] Truckload of Sun gear

Steve Hatle shatle at nfldinet.com
Thu Jun 6 12:35:37 CDT 2019

Hmm - I have a contact that lives in Palisades (been to the old IBM conference
center many times) but I doubt it would make sense since I'm in Minnesota...

Wouldn't mind an SS20 or two, and some of the external disk, though.

--------- Original Message --------- Subject: [rescue] Truckload of Sun gear
From: "David Strom" <dstrom at fastmail.net>
Date: 6/6/19 12:03 pm
To: rescue at sunhelp.org

... maybe a mini-van's worth. We would need someone to come & get this. And,
I'm not 100% sure how we'll get permission for this, but it's all old unused
stuff. So, if someone wants to come & pick this up, we'll work to get it done.
Palisades NY 10964, so you have an idea where. We just hate to dispose of it
via normal channels, it will get junked. Oh, and free as in beer, if we can
work it through the bureaucracy.

 We have a rack with Sun 5/10/20s stacked up, an Ultra 2 or 2. an external
disk drive, CD drive or two. Maybe a tape unit or so. We have some Exabyte 8mm
autoloaders, DLT ones, too. couple of DLT drives.

 10 or 12 V240s, 8 or so V440s.

 Couple of 280Rs, an E450. 2 FC multi-packs, an Ultra 60 or two.

 3 Sunblade 1500s

 Couple of Sun multipacks, bunch of extra 1/2 height sun SCSI disks.

 A Rave ultra-2 clone with, I think, PCI slots?

 David Strom
 dstrom at fastmail.net
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