[rescue] RP3440 - PA8800 CPU Not Supported....

Richard ejb at trick-1.net
Sat Jul 20 05:52:48 CDT 2019

Hi Folks

So the RP3440 that I acquired had a failed CPU in it which was an 8900 series. I managed to pick up a replacement CPU but it is an 8800 series. The part number is for the replacement CPU is for the RP3440 and it is listed as being supported. However when I boot up the machine it tells me that the CPU is not supported. Total confusion. 

I have tried downgrading and re-upgrading but it doesn't seem to change the result.

Is there some magic that I need to undertake to get the CPU usable or is the path from 8800 to 8900 a one way trip on these units....?

BTW per my other email the other month I have obtained a copy of HP-UX 11 so thats all good to go once I can boot the machine.

Thanks in advance


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