[rescue] wifi ethernet on SPARCstation 10

john jferg977 at aol.com
Fri Jul 19 08:30:09 CDT 2019

Hi Guys,

Thank you for your kind thoughts on what I could do here.B  We've moved
into the place and I've run down the list of wi-fi installations.

the last place had some good ones, URDOGBARKS2MUCH, IOWNURENT,

There is MULBERRY here but the rest are all SPECTRUM???, etc which is
what the installers must leave on them.B  So my conclusions is that if I
run carrier-current ethernet, my exposure will be someone installing the
same series Cisco buzz-boxes, assuming that the ones I use will only
work with each other. Once connected, he will have to guess the
passwords of the machines on the line which of course he'll see if he
guesses the router address, in my case, but in order to do
anything there, he'll have to guess the router password which will
certainly not stay the one the installer sets.

I suspect that the router firmware can allow me to restrict ethernet
access to specific machines and not allow any new ones. Regrettably the
router documentation is pretty obtuse, but I think I can figure it out.

I run the SPARC 10 on ethernet and I do have the 100 mb board which does
indeed work, I also run a couple of Rasberry Pi's on ethernet as
streaming radio servers, yourclassical.org, which if you like classical
music is truly wonderful, a lot like Chicago's WFMT in the '50s and
'60s.B B  Witty commentary by the hosts.

It does look like I could use an ethernet wifi dongle and do whatever
setup it needed on another machine and then migrate it to the
SPARCstation.B  And that would probably be the cheapest wifi-solutiion.

I've got a Compaq Armada M300 (the little one with the alloy case) which
in addition to a full AutoCAD 14, has a PCM?? (can't remember the
acronym) card which works on the system. I only use it as a serial
terminal whern I need one away from the office. I've got an Orinoco Gold
card but haven't tried it.

Which raises the question of whether there were ever S-Bus cards which
accepted pcmi cards?

In any case, my stupid problem has probably absorbed a lot more
contemplation that the actual problem warranted and I apologize.

john ferguson

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