[rescue] Fwd: Wifi-Ethernet adapter on SPARC 10

Jonathan Sturges jonathansturges at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 17 21:31:19 CDT 2019

>The SBus PCMCIA adaptor doesn't support 32-bit or CardBus cards, only the
original 16-bit >PCMCIA cards. Finding a WiFi one of those is going to be
tricky. And one that is covered by an >O/S driver...

Shouldn't actually be that bad, though you're limited to 802.11b of course.
B I just looked through my stack 'o cards and found 4 that were not CardBus.
B One of them is a Lucent Orinoco Gold, which I remember was (back in the day)
very well supported. B I'd say there's at least a chance it might work.

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