[rescue] Fwd: Wifi-Ethernet adapter on SPARC 10

Dave McGuire mcguire at neurotica.com
Tue Jul 16 22:44:40 CDT 2019

On 7/16/19 10:05 AM, john wrote:
> We're moving to St Petersburg, FL where we'll live in an apartment
> building.BB  I've been using Cisco Powerline Ethernet boxes in our present
> house to connect the SparcStation 10 and the machines in the garage to
> our otherwise wi-fi network.
> I'd like not to use the Powerline boxes in the new place and wonder if
> anyone here has had success with one of the wifi-ethernet adapters on
> one of the old Sun machines?BB  I would think that if the adapter was well
> conceived it would look just like ethernet to the Sun, but then I
> started to worry about configuration.
> Can this work?

  I've done it, on SPARCstation-20s, in St. Petersburg no less!  I used
to live over on 3rd Avenue North, over by the bridge to Treasure Island.
 No problems with early Linksys 802.11b bridges.

  I shudder to think of hardware running in a garage in that
environment.  My garage regularly hit 115degF in the summer.

  Good luck with your move, and let me know if you'd like some
restaurant recommendations.  I loved living there, until I realized that
there's essentially zero tech work to be had there.  But St. Petersburg
is a wonderful city.


Dave McGuire, AK4HZ
New Kensington, PA

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