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To add to what other echo I have used a wireless ethernet bridge it works well
for connecting my sparcstation to the wireless network.     The capabilities
of wireless ethernet bridges can vary.     if you are using an admistrated
switch you could also set you cell using mobile wifi hotspot as a fail over.

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On 7/16/19 11:26 AM, Phil Stracchino wrote:
> I've been trying to use a Wifi-Ethernet adapter to set up a fallback WAN
> route through my phone's 4G LTE connection for when our cable is down.
> It hasn't been going well, not least because the WiFi-Ethernet adapter's
> configuration appears to assume that*naturally*  you will have it
> directly plugged into your PC, not into a router port.
> Anyone have a better idea?

This is the nature of 802.11.

An inexpensive adapter will connect to the Access Point in "client"
mode, which means it can have exactly one MAC address, and it can act as
exactly one client.

If you want to do actual bridging, in the ethernet sense, both your AP
and your bridge device have to support WDS, the "Wireless Distribution

This is also why the better bridge devices tend to cost as much as an AP
-- they literally have to do everything an AP does.   It's connecting to
the AP as a peer, in WDS mode, not as a client.
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