[rescue] Feeler: Sparcstation Voyager

Steve Hatle shatle at nfldinet.com
Wed Jul 10 10:43:44 CDT 2019

Bill B - if this is inappropriate please feel free to let me know and


I have two functional Voyagers, and besides seeming greedy, I could use some
cash for other toys.

The machine I would sell has 48MB of RAM (16M onboard, plus one 32M RAM card)
and the original 500MB SCSI HD.

The IDPROM battery has been updated with a little piggyback board that has a
CR2032 battery on it (glitchwrks.com), and the NVRAM has been reconfigured, so
it should be set for a while - and easy to replace next time.

Machine is currently running NeXTSTEP. I've run Solaris and OpenBSD on
Voyagers as well.

Does not have the battery, but runs off the A/C supply. I've actually never
seen the Voyager battery... Includes power cord, the "compact" Sun keyboard,
and mouse, as well as the Sun Voyager case.

Can send pics upon request.

Not sure what a "fair" price is. I'm open to offers via email.


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