[rescue] Sun 386i

alan at alanlee.org alan at alanlee.org
Sun Feb 24 08:00:59 CST 2019

Thanks.  I did follow the guidance in the first link and did confirm my 
main board part number matches the rev 3 artwork code in that link and 
the faq.

NVRAM contents still persist this morning.  I don't believe the T02s 
have an exposed battery lead.  Is there any way other than measuring the 
voltage I can tell a marginal battery?

Thanks for all the suggestions.  Going to try a different set of chips 
after breakfast as well as SunOS 4.0.1 install images.


On 2019-02-24 04:49, Richard wrote:
> Not quite related but suggest trying the config setup found here
> http://www.typewritten.org/Projects/Sun/922g0403.html
> Had issues booting my 386i before doing this...
> Also I am assuming your followed the guidance here when you replaced 
> the
> nvram..
> http://www.obsolyte.com/sunFAQ/faq_nvram.html
> FWIW I have had bnewb nvram not work due to a dead or marginal 
> battery.
> Might be worth checking the battery or just replacing it
> Regards
> Richard
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