[rescue] Ultra 24 BIOS / Gbe configuration

sawbona at gmx.net sawbona at gmx.net
Sun Feb 17 06:19:33 CST 2019


> ********************
> "IBAUTIL is a utility program that changes the
> default settings of your Intel WfM-compatible adapter.
> "To enable or disable these features you MUST use IBAUTIL."
> (caps in the original text, not mine)
> ********************  

I had a strange feeling that this was too good to be true.

After my last post, a thought came to me with respect to the "MUST use IBAUTIL" bit in the 
last sentence above: 

Did it mean that ibautil would actually disable WoL in the EPROM and that ethtool would now 
return an error if it tried to enable WoL via a script?  

Short answer: no.

Even though the rig now boots up with WoL disabled, it can indeed be enabled via ethtool 
running as root from the OS or by *any* application with rights to do so.
eg: the Intel e1000e driver which uses ethtool. 

Makes me wonder just what all this "MUST use IBAUTIL" emphasis is about.  

So unless there's a motherboard jumper to lock WoL to disabled, this issue does not seem to 
have a proper solution.

ie: not being able to control this at hardware level could be a security risk.



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