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Mon Feb 11 10:33:21 CST 2019

> I picked up a Sun 386i recently.  It appears to be a 250 with the 16M
> caching RAM card.  But it also appears to have the most basic video
> card with a DB-15 which I assume also carries keyboard (and mouse?).

(DA-15, most likely.)  I think the 386i dates from the era of Type-1
through Type-3 keyboards, which all used a DA-15, but I would have to
check to be sure.  (The only other use for a DA-15 on those machines I
can think of offhand would be AUI Ethernet; you can tell the difference
by the slide latch that's present on AUI Ethernet - even if the slider
itself is missing, the posts for it are generally present, and they are

And, yes, a DA-15 that carries keyboard generally also carries mouse.
For the type-2 keyboard, there was a small breakout box with a DA15M
and jacks (4P4C, IIRC; maybe 6P4C) for keyboard and mouse; for the
type-3, the keyboard has a jack for the mouse.

I don't _think_ video was also on the keyboard/mouse connector, but
it's been a long time since I messed with a RoadRunner.  It certainly
wasn't on the Sun-2 and Sun-3 lines.

> Also is there any technical information about the pin-out for
> video/keyboard?

If it is the usual keyboard/mouse DA-15, the pinout is relatively well
documented; ftp.rodents.montreal.org:/mouse/docs/Sun/sun-kbd-cable.txt
(doubtless among other sources) has a writeup, designed around adapters
between that and more recent Sun keyboards, but it does give the

_If_ it is compatible with the keyboard/mouse DA-15 I know from the
Sun-3 line.  As I say, it's been a long time since I tried to use a

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