[rescue] Trying to get Cadmus 9200 running (serial console trouble)

Meelis Roos mroos at linux.ee
Wed Feb 6 06:42:25 CST 2019

> (Minor nit: the 9-pin end is almost certainly a DE-9; I've never even
> seen a DB-9, a DB shell with only 9 pin positions.)

Yes, I stand corrected - I remebered that there was a different name
for it but did not go checking what it was.

>> Cadmus docs about RS232 cables denote DB9 pins as
>> 1 shield
>> 2 data out
>> 3
>> 4 bridged to 5 in some cables
>> 5 bridged to 4 in some cables
>> 6 GND
>> 7
>> 8
>> 9 data in
> Does the Cadmus use the 9-pin end or the 25-pin end?  If the 9-pin end,
> this could be part of your problem; connecting that cable to that
> pinout leaves me wondering how it echos anything at all, since pin 3 is
> not a data pin.  My notes do show an "Apple modem" pinout for DE-9 that
> puts TXD on pin 9, but that one puts DSR, not RXD, on pin 2.  I have no
> pinouts in my notes that put data on pins 2 and 9.

Cadmus uses 9-pin end and the docs specify some 9->25 cables for terminals
and printers (with no handshake at all and with some bridges on both ends
but with no actaul hadshake wires in the cable).

>> Their drawing about pin locations is the following:
>> 1 to 5 are the long upper row from left to right
>> 6 to 9 are the short lower row low from left to right
>> when viewed from cable side.
> That's the usual numbering for one of the two sexes, though I'd have to
> check which one (I don't have an example with pin numbers handy).
Hmm, if that computes to be standard then things are strange again.

Meelis Roos <mroos at linux.ee>

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