[rescue]  Re: Trying to get Cadmus 9200 running (serial console trouble)

Mike Spooner mike.spooner.ux at gmail.com
Wed Feb 6 06:17:56 CST 2019

Long shot: if the system originated in Germany, it might well prefer
RS423 - quite a few 80s/90s normally-RS232 UNIX systems were
jumpered/configured for RS423 for that particular regional market.

-- Mike Spooner

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From: Meelis Roos
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Subject: Re: [rescue] Trying to get Cadmus 9200 running (serial console
>> I retried it. it's less consistent than I remembered.
Aaa at a@aa at aa@aaaaaaAaA at AAaAa@aAcssssbscsbbsbbsbssbd``DD at d@`@d`d at d@ddD at D@`@`dDDDddfDfDDfDdDfffDf
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> Hmmm. Is it possible that it's a differential serial line, like RS423
> or similar? If that's the case, if the other line of the differential
> pair isn't grounded, I've seen exactly this sort of behavior.

Docs say it's standard RS-232. There is an option card for 20mA current
loop that has + and -
for both Rx ja Rx but that is clearly with a separate conversion adapter

Perhaps I just got some not connected pin to PC side Rx and the cable
picked up some noise?
But that seems unlikely as RS-232 should not pick up anything below +-3V
and "antenna" should
not induce volatages over 3V here, I think.

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