[rescue]   Trying to get Cadmus 9200 running (serial console trouble)

Peter Stokes peter at ashlyn.co.uk
Wed Feb 6 03:34:52 CST 2019

Hi Meelis

Ok, just to clear up the DLV11-J is a 4 port card and normally on a LSI11
based system with no console on the CPU card (some LSI CPUs had console
onboard eg 11/23+ and were quad cards, unlike 11/23 which was dual), you need
to have a DLV11 of some flavour as the console. The DHV11 or equivalent was
never used as a console on stock Qbus systems. There were many versions of the
DLV11-J made by various companies, so the layout will vary, they all will have
the 4 connectors for the 4 ports however. I suggest you get hold of a DLV11,
ideally a J part and configure it for console use. I think your results will
improve significantly.

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On 6 Feb 2019, at 07:29, Meelis Roos <mroos at linux.ee> wrote:

>> On reading this blog
>> http://www.pcs-cadmus.de/en/blog/2016/05/06/cadmus-and-pdp11/
>> The systems are essentially the old Dec LSI Qbus systems with the LSI proc
>> replaced with a Motorola one. Importantly it states that the serial console
>> based on the DLV11-J board, is that the case here?
> Serial board DLV11-J seems to be a dual QBUS card. Something similar is
> in Cadmus manual as SLU-4 but SLU-4 drawing looks slightly different than
> images of DLV11-J (but both are dual QBUS). The manual tells that drivers
> SLU-4 also work for DLV11-F and DLV11-B that can also be used in Cadmus 9200
> Another place notes that SLU-4 is fully compatible with DLV11-J from DEC and
> GTSC 304 from Grant Technology Systems.
> The card that my 9230 has is MUX-KE2. That is a quad QBUS card with 2
> connectors of 4 ports each  plus a third 40-pin connector for MUX-EXT that
> supply 8 more ports with handshake lines. MUX-KE2 uses AM29xx controllers
and use DMA.
> MUX-KE2 first 4 ports have hardware flow control and next 4 ports only
> (at least by the docs - internal ribbon cables to all the ports seem to have
8 wires).
> The first 4 ports have signals GND TxC TxD RxC RxD RTS CTS DTR DCD and "TxC
> (external or internal clock seems to be settable via jumpering).
> Found another mention of the serial cards. Rough translation: SLU-4 together
> MUX-KE emulates a DH11 board. Up to 4 SLU4's can be attached to one MUX-KE.
> and MUX-KE2 seem to be different.
> I took a voltmeter and measured the pins on console port. I am not sure
which way to
> number the pins, but pins 2 4 and 7 or 8 have -12V voltage compared to the
> 2 and 4 seem to be TxD and RTS, 7 is DTR and 8 DCD - so probably RTS, DTR
and TxD
> are set to something (why -12V instead of +12?).
> I really should scan and share at least the hardware manual (in German but
> even for someone like me with weak German skills). But it will take time.
> The manual tells explicitly that terminal should have 9600 8N1.
> I will measure the cable and check parity settings too.
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