[rescue]  Re: [SunHELP] Sun Blade 150 with busted IDE, solutions?

Nemo Nusquam cym224 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 1 10:38:33 CST 2019

On 01/31/19 14:37, Chris Hanson wrote (in part):
> I suspect itbs related to the fact that it all still uses K&R style rather
> than true function prototypes, so modern compilers generate ambiguous calls
> that wind up crashing because of mismatched call sequence expectations. Going
> through all of it and updating it to modern function prototypes should be all
> that's required, but it's a pretty big surface area

The Sun compiler's -xP option produces prototypes (and maybe gcc, too) 
from older code that could be included.  But as you say, there is a lot 
of stuff there even with automation.


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