[rescue] Fwd: scsi2sd and strong coffee

john jferg977 at aol.com
Sat Aug 31 09:43:09 CDT 2019

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Subject: 	scsi2sd and strong coffee
Date: 	Sat, 31 Aug 2019 10:40:13 -0400
From: 	john <jferg977 at aol.com>
To: 	rescue at sunhelp.org

I found everything I need to subdivide and format another micro-sd and 
then restore the pre-messed-up file systems to it and hopefully restore 
proper GS operation of the SPARCprinter.

As to the problem with compiling gs7.06:

I got many compile errors for not having the right versions of various 
components. I made a list, downloaded the source and attempted to 
compile each of them. they in turn wanted other things and I did the 
same with those, but some wouldn't compile.

Of course this meant that some of these things wound up in my system and 
even though i never completed an install of 7.06, the operation of 6.01 
was affected.

For those who might remember, I left the 1993 NewsPrint code in place 
and the SPARCprinter will print anything which uses one of the early 
Postscript flavors as well as function as a line printer. And it does 
print from ghostscript but shifts the image vertically and laterally 
which isn't much of a problem if I'm only printing two sheets, but the 
main use of this thing is to print manuals for the Tektronix stuff I 
seem to be accumulating.

I suspect I'm the last person in the world to still be running a 
SPARCprinter I, but someone has to use up the toner and drum packages.?? 
There is a lifetime limit on the printer, which I think was around 300k 
sheets.?? I have no idea where I am on this one. I'm the original owner. 
Ah, er, Arcadia Systems Inc. owned it and it went home with me when we 
ceased operations in 1994.

Someone was trying to sell one on Ebay a couple of years ago, didn't 
know whether it ran and refused to accept a reasonable offer ie. $50 
plus $50 for shipping.

ah well.....

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