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I'll have some of that coffee.


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NEVER MIND. a cup of strong coffee solved the problem and I found what I was
looking for, the setup routine.?? sorry for the bandwidth consumption.



I've been running a SPARC 10 on a SCSI2SD adapter for a few years now, and
successfully. It produces much less heat than the mechanical drives. 
I leave it on all the time. I have 4 2.1 gig drives emulated(?) on it.

I run Ghostscript 6.01 on it so that the attached SPARCprinter I will print
most things sent to it, but unfortunately not everything.???? I had been
compiling with GCC which was a bit of a bear to get running on SunOS 4.1.4
but eventually did and had no problem compiling a workable Ghostscript 6.01

But it wouldn't print everything and particularly with a few PDF formats it
would run the necessary paper through the machine without any printing.

So about a year ago I was advised to bring the Ghostscript up to 7.##. 
The code wouldn't compile on the GCC I had so I needed to install a later
release, and after a whole lot of screwing around I got that to work, I
think I was able to make the 7.## code, but it wouldn't install completely.

It did install enough to mess up my existing installation.?? Now the image
on each page in sequence climbs about 3/32 of an inch and moves over 3/32 so
after four or five pages the image starts to run off the sheet.

Obviously I need to restore a pre-change dump which I have.

But I wanted to remove the micro-sd from the adapter and restore to another

So here's the question.?? I cannot remember what I had to do to establish
4 pseudo drives on a 10 gig chip. Do I just need to put the chip in the
adapter and use the format part of the SunOS 4.1.4 to format and partition
each of the four 2.1 gig drives, or does the MicroSD require some setup done
on a more modern machine?

Where should I look for this guidance?

At 76, it gets harder and harder to remember how I did something 3 or 4
years ago.

best regards,

john ferguson
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