[rescue] longtime lurker and a nice score.

Earl Baugh earl at baugh.org
Sun Aug 25 15:00:55 CDT 2019

First, after slowly getting over the shock of losing Mr. Bill to cancer,
I'm wondering
Did we hear back about Mr. Bill service arrangements yet?    And has anyone
stepped forward as the new list maintainer?

Now back to topics (which I think Mr. Bill would be glad to hear we're
still using the great SunHelp resources he put

I'm a longtime lurker and recently scored a nice haul of old hardware from
> a friends dad that passed away a year and a half ago.
> ended up scoring the following:
> Sun T2000
> Sun SC2000e
> Sun E4500
> Sun V880
> Sun V480
> Sun StorageTek SL24 W/LTO-4 FC Tape drive
> Sun 386i
> Sun Shoebox (511)
> Sun 4/490
> Sun 3/280
> and LOTS more.

So, as a Sun 3 collector, I'm curious any spare parts?  There are some VME
boards I'm definitely looking for
(and I have some spare memory boards I could trade... that I don't have the
machines for... I think the 3/280 is
one that can use one of the boards...

Congrats on the find (and we'd definitely be interested in pictures...)


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