[rescue] longtime lurker and a nice score.

Chase Rayfield cusbrar2 at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 25 12:12:23 CDT 2019

>Most will never be connected directly to the internet. the T2000/SC2000e
>will have to run OpenBSD since FreeBSD isn't supported on these, E4500/V880
>will run FreeBSD

Just FYU OpenBSD isn't actively supported anymore either it was dropped
several releases ago sadly. If there were a fast modern implementation of
Sparc32 that was easy to get... perhaps they'd pick it back up. Leon and
Temlib.org are the only open implementations of note really.

NetBSD is the only BSD that actively supports 32bit Sparc for for those of us
that want to keep an actively updated OS on these we should support NetBSD.
I'll miss OpenBSD though.

Also I have 3 SS1000 I know at least one is an SS1000e... I think they all
have bad PSUs I've gotten one to boot into prom just once... the capacitors
are prone to cooking by nearby recetifiers/transistors IIRC. Also they have
large caps with 400V or more inside so a little scary to repair...B 

Also speaking of systems with faster busses... I still haven't gotten around
to building my Hyperstation 30 mobo... I only have the board not the full
system, I plan on outfitting it with the spare ss20 parts. And if possible 2x
Dual 142Mhz 1Mb modules.


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