[rescue] longtime lurker and a nice score.

Phil Stracchino phils at caerllewys.net
Sat Aug 24 14:05:45 CDT 2019

On 8/24/19 5:04 AM, Thomas Pelki wrote:
> figured id start with trying to track down the newest firmware for the
> T2000 and the Storagetek SL24 since i want to try to use them soon but
> everything seems to be behind Oracles paywall. Does anyone have any of
> these that they can email me?

The Oracle paywall, as you put it, is a real problem.  It is resulting
in the death of Solaris in business because nobody can get experience
with it, so nobody knows how to run it except the Old Guard, and most
employers don't want to hire them because they'd have to pay them too much.

Oracle does not seem to understand this.

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