[rescue] Bill

William Enestvedt wenestvedt at gmail.com
Fri Aug 16 10:21:10 CDT 2019

Yeah, the word on Twitter is that he passed yesterday. There are so many
wonderful things being said about him: I know hebd be embarrassed by the
fuss, but he deserved every compliment.

   Such a sweet guy, too, and generous. He founded the lists b Sun-Help,
Sun-Rescue, and Geeks b that were *so* helpful in getting me started in this
job I love so much, as a Unix sysadmin. Then later I noticed he was on
MetaFilter, and he was exactly the same there: patience, generous of spirit,
and funny. I am sure his Mason brothers also thought the world of him, and his
colleagues at work.

   He missed Amy, and his mom, and I hope hebs not hurting anymore from all
the cancer treatments.

   For newer list members who may not have been around years ago, Bill could
be silly, but also fiercely protective. He was a fine man, with a sweet car.

   Godspeed, mrbill; the world was better for having had you in it.

- Will
Will Enestvedt
wenestvedt at gmail.com
"Be the person Mr. Rogers knew you could be."

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