[rescue] SS2 SBus memory expansion card components

Chris Hanson cmhanson at eschatologist.net
Sat Apr 27 20:25:21 CDT 2019

I have the 32MB memory expansion card for my SPARCstation 2 (P/N 501-1823) but
not the accompanying cable (530-1814) or 32MB mezzanine card (501-1824).

Does anyone have either the cable or mezzanine card that theybd be willing
to part with for a reasonable price? Ibve only found sellers carrying them
for hundreds of dollars recently; I managed to snag the b1823 from someone
who was selling it far more reasonably, probably because they didnbt know
what they could get for it.

I know I can make my own b1814 cable at least, though Ibd prefer an
original if possible, and I know therebs also a standoff needed to put the
b1824 atop the SBus card but making or finding something thatbll work for
that should be easy.

 -- Chris

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