[rescue] My latest sort-of rescue after a hiatus

Andrew Weiss rumbeard at mac.com
Sun Apr 7 08:29:40 CDT 2019

So as folks may or may not know I kind of stopped rescuing systems in 2010
when I moved to Australia and gave many systems to a good home.  Sea and Air
freight was huge.

I took a 44P with me, my Quad G5, my Alienware, a Macbook, and my VAX

Over the years since I havenbt had too much extra space and with my wife and
little one priorities shifted, however, I have now added my mid-life crisis
box to the stable.

I started participating in the http://www.nextcomputers.org/index.php
<http://www.nextcomputers.org/index.php> Forums *down right this second
because theybre changing software*

I brought up a Hyper-V OPENSTEP 4.2, which almost worked except for network.
I actually got color S3 graphics working.  I moved that disk to VirtualBox on
a PC and got a fully working system except sound stuttered.  I moved that to
my OS X Laptop and things were perfectb& then I found Previous and could
emulate a 68K so I built a 3.3 Turbo Color Station and a 4.2 Turbo
NEXTDIMENSION cube.  This was fun, but lacked a certainb& ehb&

I used to own a cube.  I regret getting rid of it.

So back to the community.  I knew of Rob Blessin from Black Hole Inc. for
years and hebs still stomping around the Internet doing NeXT related stuff,
refurbishing systems, and generally making the world a better place for
NeXTies.  I saw a forum post go by with an AU and a NZ member and lamented how
hard it was to get a system.  Long story short he offered me a great deal on a
system and shipping and I built a perfect system and he shipped it to me
quickly.  He has a guy who redoes all the capacitors and batteries and does an
amazing deal.

What I got:

Turbo Color 33Mhz 68040 with 128MB 60ns RAM
SCSI2SD card with one 8GB image of NEXTSTEP 3.3 DEV + y2K patches + 100bs of
one 8GB image of the same on OPENSTEP 4.2
Non-ADB Soundbox (new caps)
Non-ADB Keyboard
Non-ADB Mouse
Y-cable for Soundbox
13W3 to VGA cable adapter

Apparently a single-owner system in original box (University Lab)

He had a batch of boards he was swapping around because the original board
didnbt work so found another missing the BNC which he repaired.

Check out the unboxing here:



Here is another vid he made of a recent find.  Larry Ellisonbs original
Turbo Color.  This one was sitting in the stack on top of mine during build



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