[rescue] Washington DC: Blade 150 needs rehoming.

Clint Law law.clint at gmail.com
Fri Apr 5 19:17:37 CDT 2019

Need to clear out a Blade 150 to make room for another SGI. Fairly recently
picked this guy up, so can confirm it boots to the prom and loads a DVD but
that's about it. It's a 650MHz w/1GB of RAM.

It has a XVR-600 with a bodged on aluminum heatsink as the old fan barely
spun and sounded horrible. I think the fox will work fine assuming it isn't
shaken so hard it falls off. Also has a 4-port what I believe to be 10/100
Ethernet card. DVD works. No HDD.

In the Washington DC area. First halfway reasonable offer for a reasonable
home gets it. Would really prefer not to ship.


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