[rescue] Faulted Solistice Disksuite array...

Carl R. Friend crfriend at rcn.com
Fri Apr 5 17:46:04 CDT 2019

    Good evening,

    I find myself in a bit of a quandry with an elder device of mine
(a Netra NFS -- essentially a re-badged E-150) with an array of 36 GB
disks with very stable archival data on it (satellite imagery from
GOES-13 mainly) that went south on me.

    Here's the current situation with the array:

d127: RAID
     State: Needs Maintenance
     Invoke: metareplace -f d127 c1t9d0s0 <new device>
     Hot spare pool: hsp001
     Interlace: 32 blocks
     Size: 536888871 blocks
Original device:
     Size: 536889088 blocks
         Device      Start Block  Dbase State        Hot Spare
         c1t2d0s0         330     No    Last Erred
         c1t3d0s0         330     No    Okay
         c1t4d0s0         330     No    Okay
         c1t5d0s0         330     No    Okay
         c1t13d0s0        330     No    Okay
         c1t9d0s0         330     No    Maintenance
         c1t10d0s0        330     No    Okay
         c1t11d0s0        330     No    Okay
         c1t12d0s0        330     No    Okay

    Forget about the hot-spare, that doesn't even spin up.  The c1t2d0
drive is what vexes me at the moment, and the array won't even build,
much less get to the soft partitions thereupon.  The c1t9d0 drive reads
just fine via a "format" invocation, so I suspect it's good -- and
entirely likely has good data on it.  The c1t2d0 shows up as an unknown
disk type, and that's usually fatal.

    Is there a way I can manually tell Disksuite to forget about the
latched "Maintenance" status to see if I can get the array to assemble
enough for me to mount it read-only and pull the rest of the historical
images off it?


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