[rescue] Big box o' SCSI cables & RS6000 giveaway.

Steve Hatle shatle at nfldinet.com
Fri Apr 5 17:28:48 CDT 2019

Had I known, I would have gladly bought you a beer. You could have also 
come over and visited your old TAM :-)

What did you pick up in Minneapolis?


Dave McGuire wrote on 4/5/19 5:11 PM:
> On 4/5/19 6:10 PM, Doug McIntyre wrote:
>> I have a big box o' SCSI for anybody that wants to pick it up in
>> 55401, downtown Minneapolis, or wants to pay for shipping. The RS6000 is
>> pick up only, I have no way to package that, and it has no disks, just the tower.
>> The box of SCSI cables has got a little bit of everything. From Centronics
>> to HD50 cables, up to VHDCI to VHDCI cables. Both external and
>> internal. 50-pin, 68-pin. etc. Variety of lengths. Most used, some
>> still in baggies.  A couple terminators, not much there for that.
>> Right now it fills up one of those plastic file tote boxes, (so like 18"x14"x11").
>> Let me know if anybody is interested.
>    ARRRRGH!  And I was in Minneapolis in a truck TWO DAYS AGO!
>           -Dave

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