[rescue] Sun Ultra 40 firmware

Steve Hatle shatle at nfldinet.com
Tue Apr 2 10:21:32 CDT 2019

I've just come into a Sun Ultra 40 workstation - 2x2 AMD Opterons, etc.

I'd like to get ahold of the latest BIOS update. Mine is currently 1.4, the
latest is 1.7

Oracle support has this as Patch 10356902 - Ultra 40 SW 1.7

I can see it in the Oracle support site, but unfortunately we don't have the
"Firmware" permission to download.

The README calls it "Sun Ultra 40 Workstation Tools & Drivers 1.7 ISO Image".
It's shown as 772MB download, so that makes sense.

Might any of you have this patch available or know of a source?



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