[rescue] Wanted: VME Sparc, hopefully CM interface card!

Mike Ross tmfdmike at gmail.com
Tue Sep 25 19:56:21 CDT 2018


I'm engaged in a project to restore two Connection Machine CM-2
supercomputers to operational condition. They are, essentially,
glorified coprocessors which do nothing without a front-end system to
bring them up and operate them. There are a couple of options for
this, but the best option by far is a Sun.

The first thing I need is the special VME Connection Machine interface
card. Can I ask anyone and everyone on this list, and everyone they
may know who isn't on this list, to see if they have one - perhaps in
an old server lurking in the corner, or gathering dust on the shelves
of a collector or indeed a dealer? It could be used directly in a VME
Sparc machine, or, I've heard from a couple of sites, it was sometimes
used in a VME expansion chassis attached to an SBUS Sparc machine.
There are photos of the card in the following tweet:


This is pretty critical as there's only _one_ such card known to still
exist in the world - the one in the above pics! I'm hoping to unearth
another and this list is one of my best hopes. If all else fails, I
will explore cloning or reverse-engineering the functionality of the

The second thing I'll be looking for is a VME Sparc machine, or
possibly an external VME box with VME-SBUS interface, to put it in. A
4/330 would be ideal; that's the machine the above-pictured card
normally resides in. Does anyone have one they would be willing to
part with?



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