[rescue] divesting of many old systems

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Sat Sep 1 18:55:00 CDT 2018

Any chance you have a Next ADB box?

Erie Patsellis

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On Thursday, August 30, 2018, 6:21 PM, Nate Mitchell <supernatem at gmail.com>


I'm in the metro Detroit area and I have a lot of old systems I'm letting
go.B  I have everything from a Sunfire to some Ultrasparcs, to many sparcs,
Sun3s with monitors and disk drives, etc.B  I have a lot of other assorted
things.B  Most of the items are probably working, but some of them probably

Is there any folks who would pick these up in Detroit or Flint, MI?B  What
would I have to post here?B  Just a hardware list?B  Or would more detail &
content be required?B  I'm thankful for any advice and I hope I can make
some folks happy with at least some of this stuff!B  If some of the items
are worth shipping, that might help as well.
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