[rescue] website help request

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Thu Oct 18 10:12:28 CDT 2018

> I am involved with the following computer preservation site
> https://www.1000bit.it/ad/bro/brochures.asp

Just in case it indicates anything that needs fixing: I just tried
http://www.1000bit.it/ad/bro/brochures.asp (mostly out of curiosity)
and got

                                           1000BiT - Vintage computer brochures

   Response object
   error 'ASP 0156 : 80004005'

   Header Error

   D:\INETPUB\WEBS\1000BITIT\AD\BRO\../../metatag.asp, line 20

   The HTTP headers are already written to the client browser. Any HTTP
   header modifications must be made before writing page content.

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