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Jerry Kemp sun.mail.list47 at oryx.us
Thu Oct 18 09:32:37 CDT 2018

I was thinking the same thing, not only bitsavers but archive.org, AKA the Wayback Machine.

Nothing wrong with some competition, but unless a site is just focused on one particular subject, the alternate efforts have a
significant lead on documentation and archival progress.

Either way, the 'ad blocker' blocker would need to disappear before I would be able to use, or contribute, to the effort.


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are you aware of bitsavers?  Sounds like you have similar charters.  you
may want to have links pointing to them and visa versa.

BTW, I have some docs on FibreTek core memory subsystems for PDP8s...If you
are interested in that would be happy to send your my high quality scans of
the docs.
Also have some docs (user manuals, service manuals) on HP and Tek logic
analyzers circa late 70s through 80s. Not exactly computer gear but I used
them a lot in debugging PDP 11's and various intel and mot CPU based
Best regards,

On Thu, Oct 18, 2018 at 6:07 AM Mark Brennan <markarmbrennan at gmail.com>

Hello All,

I am involved with the following computer preservation site
We have been preserving as much computer literature as possible on
everything from Apollo to Zenith and everyone in between.
Currently we have sales brochures,annual reports, catalogs and guides on
anything from Supercomputer to laptops Cray systems to IBM Thinkpads etc.
We have almost 6000 items online under the brochure heading and I am hoping
to get to 7000 over the next year or so
I am therefore wondering would any of our members have any old items
archived away that we could either get scanned or sell to us to add to
the website?
Again any help would be greatly appreciated
Many thanks
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