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Fri Oct 5 07:00:22 CDT 2018

Speaking of branding the one I always liked the best was version 2.5.1.
Instead of saying SunOS something or other it simply spat out

UNIX System V Revision 4.0


I can remember the giggles and consummate joy the first time I logged into
my 486/66 running my x86 $99 student copy in my dorm room.  I even cut the
cardboard sun logos off the outer shipping box and glued them in my PC logo
square.  I had the same OS as the University had on their big Center 2000's,
3000's and later 6000's.

Of course after several years and a 5x86 133 upgrade I painted the thing
black and put a NeXT logo in the same spot.

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I have the SPARC "Sun Freeware" cdrom that came as part of the server
media-set, I'll see if i can make it available as a downloadable ISO, but
will have to wait untill I get home on Monday.

-- Mike Spooner

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Subject: [rescue] Need other Solaris 8 (2/04) disk ISOs Hey,

I finally got things sorted out in my rack and got the V120 loading Solaris
8 (yes, I want 8, I want a Sun branded version ;-) ) WFH has let me
multiplex and get other things going.... a nice benefit that I hadn't really
appreciated before..

Anyway, started thru the install and realized I only have disks 1 and 2.
I've got the disk space and would like to load up the whole bundle...
(it's now asking me for the Solaris 8 Languages disk... and in reading I
realized there are more disks than that...) I have a DVD edition in my pile
but not the CD images... and this machine has the CD not DVD... so anybody
know where I could get the other images?

I'm paused on the install right now... :-)


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