[rescue] Need other Solaris 8 (2/04) disk ISOs

Jerry Kemp sun.mail.list47 at oryx.us
Thu Oct 4 14:59:57 CDT 2018

I'm going to side with Peter, regardless of what you have, the easiest option is either to set up a Jumpstart server, or to used the
DVD option.

I see you have replied you don't have one.  Do you have one in another system you can temp. pull?   Or borrow one from a (local)
friend?   Or just drive down to your favorite computer electronics store && spend $30 USD on one?  Without a doubt, jumpstart server
or adding a DVD would be my Plan A.

But now to the meat of my reply.  I have (physically) archived several Solaris 8 media packs.  Intentionally.   I am apparently the
biggest OpenWindows/OpenLook fan here, and I have these so I can load the openwin packages on newer Solaris versions.

Probably the media you are interested in, I have (1) yellow && white Solaris 8 02/04 media pack (SPARC platform edition) that
contains (8) physical optical media/CD's.

the list of media titles include::

* Solaris 8 operating Environment
* Solaris 8 Installation
* Solaris 8 software disk 1 of 2
* Solaris 8 software disk 2 of 2
* Solaris 8 Languages
* Solaris 8 Documentation European
* Solaris 8 Documentation Asian
* Solaris 8 Software supplement

If you had the "languages" disk right now, and it met your needs, are you sure it wouldn't be asking for yet another disk you don't
have, once the install has completed with the "languages" disk?

My understanding (someone correct me if I'm wrong) is that the earlier optical media was broken down into slices, or sessions, or
something.  Yes/no ?    Any special tricks or pointers I might need to read the languages disk to create an ISO?

To the OP, If I was able to create an ISO of the languages disk, do you have an FTP site or some place I could upload it to?

Not that its any of my business, but I don't understand the desire for Solaris 8.  Sun also made Solaris 9, and most of the releases
of Solaris 10.  Unless I really have to, I don't personally want to be without ZFS in this day-and-age.

Just so you are aware, sure you are, stating this for my own sanity, a V120 will run upto and including the latest Solaris 10
(update 11) and also, Solaris 11 Express.  But not Solaris 11 proper, at least not without some hacking.

I don't know if it will do more in an un-supported state, but a V120 max's out at 4 Gb of ram supported.   You want to get there if
you can.  Memory is cheap for these boxes, just like a DVD drive.

I currently have (2) V120 boxes running, one in a colo (lazyness on my part) that I built out on September 2009, and a duplicate box
at home to experiment with.  V120's will run forever.

Good luck with your V120

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Hi Earl

If you have the DVD, why not either temporarily hook up a SCSI DVD or setup a
network install server, or copy across the iso and mount it?

I only have the same as you sadly for 02/04

Peter Stokes
Ashlyn Computer Services
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On 4 Oct 2018, at 20:01, Earl Baugh <earl at baugh.org> wrote:


I finally got things sorted out in my rack and got the V120 loading Solaris
8 (yes, I want 8, I want a Sun branded version ;-) )
WFH has let me multiplex and get other things going.... a nice benefit that
I hadn't really appreciated before..

Anyway, started thru the install and realized I only have disks 1 and 2.
I've got the disk space and would like to load up the whole bundle...
(it's now asking me for the Solaris 8 Languages disk... and in reading I
realized there are more disks than that...)  I have a DVD
edition in my pile but not the CD images... and this machine has the CD not
DVD...  so anybody know where I could get the other images?

I'm paused on the install right now... :-)


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