[rescue] advise on Sun2 disk install

Jon jlo at ludd.ltu.se
Sat Nov 24 11:05:42 CST 2018

On Sat, 24 Nov 2018 at 16:07, Walter Belgers <walter+rescue at belgers.com> wrote:

> I did have a spare 3Com board. But: it wonb t boot from the same server that
> worked fine with ie(). The kernel loads, bootparams are exchanged and then it
> hangs on NFS requests. On the server, tcpdump reveals that the NFS server does
> answer, but with b fragb  (NFS fragments?).
> Is there something the ec() cannot do that the ie() can? If I can boot from
> ec() I can probably initialise the Micropolis disk and get it to boot from
> there.

The 3Com board has a much smaller packet buffer, which can play badly with
NFS as the server overloads the client. At least on NetBSD, see:


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