[rescue] advise on Sun2 disk install

Walter Belgers walter+rescue at belgers.com
Sat Nov 24 09:06:48 CST 2018


Earlier I wrote about my Sun 2/120:

> I would like to put a disk in the 2/120 with an OS. I took the NetBSD
> I used as a boot server in 2002 for my 2/50, which still booted. I put the
> address in /etc/ethers and that was all that was needed to get the 2/120 to
> netboot SunOS 4.0.3, hurray! My plan is to use this running system to format
> drive, copy all the files over, install boot blocks and that should get me
> working system. This is probably easier than making boot tapes and fixing
> capstan rubber of the QIC drive.

I did not get any of my drives recognised, but now I got a Micropolis drive
that *is* recognised. I also got a few backplates including a better one for
AUI ethernet. Then I made a stupid mistake and connected it the wrong way
around. I fried the Sun Ethernet board :-((
I did have a spare 3Com board. But: it wonbt boot from the same server that
worked fine with ie(). The kernel loads, bootparams are exchanged and then it
hangs on NFS requests. On the server, tcpdump reveals that the NFS server does
answer, but with b
 (NFS fragments?).

Is there something the ec() cannot do that the ie() can? If I can boot from
ec() I can probably initialise the Micropolis disk and get it to boot from

Btw I have also ordered a SCSI2SSD to experiment with.

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