[rescue] SCSI solutions for Sparcstation Voyager

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Tue Nov 20 14:09:33 CST 2018

>> OpenBSD-CURRENT does that on SPARC64,

> No doubt about that, but I think NetBSD/sparc had the LED blink where
> possible back when OpenBSD was but a gleam in its founder's mind's
> eye... (mouse?)

You rang? :-)

I know NetBSD/sun3 did a Cylon imitation on hardware that could (like
the -3/60) back then (I recall adding /dev/leds support).  I _think_ it
did on at least some SPARCs, but I don't recall whether that includes
sparc64; back before the OpenBSD split, the only SPARCs I really used
(and certainly all the ones I ran NetBSD on) were 32-bit.  I am
reasonably sure it did LED blinking on at least some of the sparc32s.

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