[rescue] SCSI solutions for Sparcstation Voyager

Steve Hatle shatle at nfldinet.com
Mon Nov 19 10:56:12 CST 2018

Steve Hatle wrote on 11/11/18 6:17 PM:
> Yes - he was thinking of ADTX...
> This thread reminded me of the fact that some late model Powerbooks had 
> these adapters. A trip to the basement of doom this afternoon turned up 
> a Powerbook that had an ADTX adapter in it with a 2GB Toshiba drive. The 
> IDE drive was bad, but more digging turned up a 6.4GB laptop drive. 
> Plugged the two together and into the Voyager, and now probe-scsi is 
> showing the ADTX device at SCSI ID 3.
> So - now off to find some install media...
> I need to deal with the IDPROM, and may still consider a SCSI2SD, but 
> that's a little more back-burner now.
> Thanks to all of you for the discussion and the reminder that provided 
> the solution!
> Steve

OK - Voyager has a 6GB disk via ADTX adapter, a refurbed IDPROM battery 
via Glitchworks (http://www.glitchwrks.com/2017/08/01/gw-48t02-1 - I 
used his 48t08 board) and a fresh install of OpenBSD 5.9. All is good!

One thing, though... the LED on the front of the machine is flashing 
while it's running. I can't find any doc that say why that might be, 
except a note in the service manual that says that LED will be lit if 
"the machine is running normally". All the diags pass as best I can 
tell, and as I say the machine runs fine, so it's an annoyance more than 
anything else. I need to dig to find my Field Engineer's Guide, but 
thought perhaps the collective might have an insight.

I forgot how much I liked this guy! Now to get #2 back up and running. 
That one has NeXTSTEP on the HD :-)


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