[rescue] Vintage/Misc Sun kit needs a new home in IOM, UK or nearby.

Mike Spooner mike.spooner.ux at gmail.com
Sun Nov 18 13:01:30 CST 2018


I am looking to offload some of my old computer collection, but as I live
in the backwoods of the Isle of Man, I probably cannot ship any of it very
far without assistance. If a new home cannot be found, these will sadly
have to head to the refuse dump in a few weeks.

(1) Sun Enterprise E6000

18 x 250MHz CPUs, 9 CPU/Mem boards (the max. 83MHz ones), disk board
(2x2Gb), Sun GX SBus graphics, 2 SBus I/O boards, clock board, 7
power/cooling modules, 4.5 Gb RAM, SBus quad-fast-Ethernet card, CDROM
drive, all cables, keyswitch and key. No screen, keyboard or mouse. No
rack, runs freestanding. Was last used by me 10 years ago, has been in
indoor storage since then. The chassis has been fitted with castors from an
Sun Enterprise-150, to make it easier to move - this thing is *very heavy*.

(2) Sun Ultra-10 440MHz

Overclocks to 472MHz if desired, 1GB RAM, Raptor-GFX PCI graphics (*much*
better than the mainboard PGX24 graphics), add-in Sun dual-SCSI card, 6.4GB
IDE drive (or larger on request). No keyboard/mouse/screen, can use
PC-style SVGA screen. Comes with working spare 440MHz CPU module and
Solaris 2.6 5/98 installation media.

(3) SGI Iris Indigo R3000

The computer that stylistically blew everyone away in 1991. 33 MHz MIPS
R3000 CPU + R3010 FPU, 36GB HDD, spare sled, SGI keyboard and mouse, XS-24
graphics board, full software library (Irix 5.3 with XFS, SGI patch-set,
Iris Development Option, and *much* more). Fully working a few months ago,
but PSU seems to have failed now - the magnificent Mr Mapleson in UK still
has Indigo PSUs for sale, but they aren't cheap.

(4) The runt: Packard-Bell EasyNote C3300 laptop

Athlon XP-M 2000+ CPU, xxx Mb RAM, IDE drive, DVDROM drive, fantastic
screen, good keyboard. Unfortunately, due to the Athlon XP not supporting
SSE2 instructions, you'll be limited to a gradually decreasing set of Linux
distributions for the operating system.

(5) SPARCclassic

50MHz microSPARC, 4GB HDD, the full maximum 128MB RAM (!), Sun GX SBus
Needs a replacement PSU, the existing PSU has died.

Note that all of the Sun boxes above will need the standard typical fixes
to the well-known and easily-fixed "dead NVRAM battery" issue.

Drop me a line if you need further information.

Mike Spooner

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