[rescue] Hyperstation 30 DSIMM questions

Chase Rayfield cusbrar2 at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 15 01:09:45 CST 2018

I picked up a HyperStation 30 upgrade board (no case) for $24 a steal right? Planning on 3d printing a case for it on my CR-10 S4 printer (400mm^3 build area).

HyperStation 30 uses 200pin DSIMMs just like SS10 SS20 Ultra 1 etc... 

However what I am not sure of is will ECC kits that are supposed to work in the Ultra 1 work in it? Is there even any difference between ECC DSIMMs and regular Parity DSIMMs?

Also still looking for an AG-10E ;-) hoping to have another go at updating Gentoo/Linux state3 for sparc32 soon also. No idea if I can get a recent kernel on built, LTO builds may help shrink the kernel enough for it to load otherwise still stuck on 2.6.32.


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