[rescue] Sun 3/140 board (was looking for: Sun Carrera 3004 VME board / advise on Sun2 disk install )

Earl Baugh earl at baugh.org
Tue Nov 13 15:56:07 CST 2018

> I made an interesting rescue last week. a hackerspace moving to a new place
> was getting rid of some old gear, including Sun-gear. 16 years ago (when it
> was not yet a hackerspace) I had already rescued a Sun 2/50 from the same
> place, that I got to work using a NetBSD-based boot server. (And a Sun
> 2/170
> that I parted with, still regretting that.. it is somewhere in the UK
> This time, they sent me some pictures of some Sun 3/xx pizza boxes and a
> pile
> of VME boards. Included on the pictures was a Sun 3/75, which I have been
> looking for for almost 2 decades so I was very eager to pick up the stuff.

Wow -- Great find!!

> Sadly enough, the Sun 3/75 was just an empty box. I can put in a random CPU
> board, but I would really like to put in a Carerra (b 3004b ) CPU board, as
> found in the 3/75 (and 3/140, 3/150, 3/160 and 3/180). Itb s a long shot..
> but does anybody have one to spare? It would need to be sent to the
> Netherlands. Trading for other VME boards is also possible (e.g. 3/110
> CPU).

I actually have a 3/140 board sitting on the side (it came from a 3/140
which I've converted to a 3/110 -- which was the first Sun I used... only
is I don't have the 3/110 logo for it :-(  )

So, I have one to trade for you... (and I believe I sent you a drive unit
for the 386i )
so shipping isn't an issue... I'd be interested in trading for a 3/110
board (I've been
looking for a spare...one of the boards I have blew a cap or chip...not
The other thing I'm looking for is a Sun 2 keyboard... (yeah, I know
rare... but
hey, only thing missing from my Sun 1, Sun 2, Sun 3 and Sun 4 collection..)

Not only was the 3/75 empty, a lot of the VME boards were missing parts.
> From
> a bunch of 8MB boards, the Am2960 chips were taken off, there were a few
> 3/260
> and 4/260 CPU board, with the CPUb s and other support chips gone.. sad to
> see. There were a bunch of TTL and ECL monitors, that were also dismantled
> (broken) already.

I might be interested in one of the RAM boards as well (I have a Clearpoint
that I think has a bad chip, so this could be a source for me...)  It's a
16MB board
(I think) which would allow me to max out the 3/110...

> But, to make up for that, there was a Sun 2/120 in there as well that
> needed
> to go! Given the state of the other stuff, I was fearing the worst for what
> was inside, but it looked nice when opened up and cleaned a bit. In it:
> 501-1004        Sun-2 Ethernet 8:0:20:1:17:51
> 501-1006        Sun-2 SCSI/Serial
> 501-1013        1M RAM
> 501-1013        1M RAM
> 501-1048        1M RAM
> 501-1048        1M RAM
> 501-1082        Xylogics 451
> 501-1051        2/120 CPU ROM Rev R
> SC4000 SCSI bridge
> QIC-11 drive

Congrats!!  I've got a bunch of Multibus boards so if you end up needing
let me know...  Sounds like a nice set up.

RE: SCSI drive -- You can use an SCSI2SD adapter with this (I just got
images from someone on the list
for OS for a Sun 2.  Believe it was 4.0... have to check... check the
archive and you should see the post...)

Anyway e-mail me directly about the swap..

Earl the Squirrel

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