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Mike Spooner mike.spooner.ux at gmail.com
Fri Nov 9 07:23:49 CST 2018

In general with Sun equipment, the sticker is the "whole-part number";
the numbers etched/silkscreened etc are subcomponent numbers that encode
the type/source of subcomponent (eg: 270-.... for PCBs).

-- Mike Spooner

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From: Jason T
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Date: Thu Nov 08 23:14:37 GMT+00:00 2018
Subject: Re: [rescue] Sun 2.5" Disk Trays
> Don't leave us hanging, tell us what #2 and #3 really are :-)

I've updated the gallery post with the part numbers:

I suspect these trays went through a number of revisions and a number
of part number increments. And with at least one of them, there is a
number engraved in the metal and another on a sticker.

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