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Mike Spooner mike.spooner.ux at gmail.com
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The Addonics ADTX is limited to 8Gb capacity (works with some older
larger-capacity drives, eg: 40Gb, but only the 1st 8Gb usable) and in my
experience the adaptor is rather slow, circa 600 Kb/sec max. through the

-- Mike Spooner

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> For my Voyager, I found a SCSI-to-IDE adapter that was thin enough that
> (and mounted such that) when combined with a thin (~5mm thick) IDE
> laptop drive, the result fit in the Voyager.
> Unfortunately I don't have details, and my Voyager is in storage at the
> moment. There is a (discouragingly small) chance I may be able to dig
> it out and look at it soon, but, if not, I hope that simply knowing
> such adapters exist may be of some use to you.

I believe that Mouse is thinking of the ADTX SCSI to IDE laptop drive
adapter. It is mounted to a thin 2.5" IDE drive and converts to the
pins for a 2.5" SCSI drive. I have used them in Suns (Voyager and
SPARCbook). There were a couple of varieties that could use various
capacity IDE drives. Ones that I used were limited to a maximum size of
for the IDE disk.

Finding one may be difficult. I searched eBay for them about 10 - 15
ago and they were hard to find. Do a Google for "ADTX scsi to ide" and
can find info and images. Good luck finding one now.

Martin Marshall
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