[rescue] SCSI solutions for Sparcstation Voyager

Steve Hatle shatle at nfldinet.com
Thu Nov 8 11:21:30 CST 2018

I'm pulling out my Voyager to play with again. I need to deal with the IDPROM,
which has multiple solutions, but I'm nervous about the internal 2.5" SCSI
drive. It's working now (knock on wood) but I know I should consider a
replacement for this guy.

I've had good luck with full size SCSI2SD in my Macs, and there is a 2.5"
version available - not sure yet of physical compatibility with Voyager. I've
also seen mention of some SCSI to CF adapters for these drives for older
Powerbooks, etc.

I figured it was worth it to ask if anyone has good or bad recommendations for
2.5" SCSI drive replacements for Voyager before I plunk down any money



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